On October 15, 2016 TEDxWashingtonSquare hosted a day of #PracticingChange in New York City, bringing greater awareness to the creative practices, models and essential elements on the cutting edge of change.

Listen to these compelling talks and discover the innovative ways in which change is taking place on both the personal and societal levels. Explore the cutting edge change from the micro-level within the tiniest neurotransmitters, among the behavior of bees, and in the inner lives of prison inmates, to systemic shifts taking place within the legal profession, health care, technology, politics, and the fashion industry. We have drawn from a broad range of thinkers, doers and researchers across multiple disciplines, coming from New York and beyond.


How are you or people or organizations you know practicing change? What would you like to learn about practicing change? CLICK HERE to tell us about it.

meet the organizing team

Matt Goldman
Sharon Salzberg
Gretchen Steidle
Alice Wells
Nasrin Jafari
Hannah Atchison

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