Aetna Foundation

AETNA FOUNDATION'S mission is to promote wellness, health, and access to high-quality health care for everyone, while supporting the communities we serve.

Helping people achieve better health – it’s at the heart of the Aetna Foundation’s mission, and reflects a heritage of philanthropy that stretches back more than 40 years. Our focus is on helping those limited access to quality care, or the tools and knowledge to achieve healthier lifestyles. We partner with national and select international organizations, funding their pioneering approaches to improving health among large groups of people. At the same time, we give grants to local nonprofits across the United States nurturing innovations that can inspire healthier lifestyles across communities. Our work brings together policymakers, businesses, health professionals, and community nonprofits to look at a given issue holistically. That way, we can work together to pursue the changes needed for positive health outcomes for individuals and communities.

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Imago Dei Fund

IMAGO DEI FUND was established in 2009, with the goal of walking beside and supporting great organizations in an effective and intentional way. Inspired by our Christian faith, we seek to enlist the highest and best of faith and the collective human spirit to create a better world where all humans can flourish and live into and up to our innate human rights and potential as "image-bearers" of God.

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Global Grassroots

GLOBAL GRASSROOTS’ mission is to catalyze women and girls as leaders of conscious social change in their community. Based in East Africa, our Academy for Conscious Change is a social venture incubator and experiential leadership program for vulnerable women and girls, including widows, orphans, war and genocide survivors, women with HIV/AIDS, subsistence farmers, and women with only a primary school education. Our programs enable our participants to design and initiate their own solutions to the issues that affect women and girls, especially clean water access, sanitation and gender-based violence issues, and in so doing step into their natural capabilities as mindful leaders.

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Saskia Shakin


Public Speaking Coach, Saskia Shakin, has been changing the way people look at public speaking for over 30 years.

She believes that ALL speaking is public speaking (unless you are in a closet muttering to yourself), and that everyone is equipped to do it. All that is required is an open heart and an open mind. Her motto is, "If you can speak to one, you can speak to 100." Her approach is simple: storytelling is stronger than fact-finding; and authenticity speaks louder than words.

Her clients have served on the Council of Economic Advisors in the White House, Expert Witnesses in front-page litigation, CEO's in corporate America, and Leaders of Non-Profits, not to mention normal mortals in the Arts, Public Policy, and Philanthropy.

Her book, "More Than Words Can Say: The Making of Inspired Speakers" is a compilation of her adventures in a career that never ceases to surprise her. It can be ordered on her website:

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Lizanne Hart Design


Lizanne Hart Design is a boutique firm specializing in brand and website development, consulting and other graphic design projects. With more than 25 years of experience in the field of Communications, Lizanne's graphic design work is influenced by a love for design and a desire to communicate strategically. From museums to book publishing to the performing arts, Lizanne's varied experience informs her work, which shows how design can be used to reinforce missions. She uses her cumulative experience, insights and creativity to help each client tell the story of what they do, and to invite others to support them, buy goods or participate in their vision.

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Omega Institute For Holistic Studies

Founded in 1977, OMEGA INSTITUTE FOR HOLISTIC STUDIES is the nation's most trusted source for wellness and personal growth. As a nonprofit organization, Omega offers diverse and innovative educational experiences that inspire an integrated approach to personal and social change. Located on 250 acres in the beautiful Hudson Valley, Omega welcomes more than 23,000 people to its workshops, conferences, and retreats in Rhinebeck, New York, and at exceptional locations around the world.

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Theresa Donovan Consulting


Theresa Donovan has worked with a broad range of “thinkers” “doers” and “changemakers” throughout her career (Harvard, Ashoka, and with leading corporations, foundations and media companies). She has created strategic partnerships with large media corporations to encourage social action, raised funds for global organizations, created partnerships with global corporations and foundations, and helped raise the profile and brand of nonprofits through marketing and communications and day-to-day media relations. She has also advised CEOs and presidents of organizations on high profile speaking and publishing opportunities.

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NYU Reynolds Program in Social Entrepreneurship

THE NYU REYNOLDS PROGRAM IN SOCIAL ENTREPRENEURSHIP is designed to attract, encourage and train a new generation of leaders in public service. Each year, the program will expose a highly selective group of graduate and undergraduate students from throughout New York University to the cross-disciplinary skills, experiences and networking opportunities needed to advance and support their efforts to realize sustainable and scalable pattern-breaking solutions to society's most intractable problems.

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MINDFUL is the voice of the emerging mindfulness community. It's mission is to inform, inspire, guide, and connect all those who want to live a mindful life, to enjoy the scientifically  supported benefits of mindfulness practices, and to create a more mindful and caring society.

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The Garrison Institute

The mission of the GARRISON INSTITUTE is to demonstrate and disseminate the importance of contemplative practices and spiritually grounded values in building sustainable movements for a healthier, safer, and more compassionate world. Working collaboratively with practitioners in diverse fields,  the Institute develops and hosts retreats and symposia, produces research and publications, and provides a hub for ongoing learning networks.

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TEDxNYU unites the global network of New York University through the power of ideas with our 100% student-produced events. The group empowers NYU students to share their work and dreams with their peers.

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University of Virginia Contemplative Sciences Center (CSC)

UNIVERSITY OF VIRGINIA CONTEMPLATIVE SCIENCES CENTER (CSC) is committed to exploring contemplative practices, values, ideas, and institutions in historical and contemporary times to better understand their diverse impacts, underlying dynamics, and lived realities through analytical research and scholarship, as well as to help develop new applications and learning programs for their integration into varied sectors of our society. CSC’s mandate is to pursue research, learning, and engagement related to contemplation across all schools and organizational units of the University of Virginia, and beyond into the wider world. 

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Chef Marianna Morrison

Known for being the “light in the kitchen”, CHEF MARIANNA MORRISON was born and raised in Venezuela.  She discovered her love of cooking at an early age by exploring the tantalizing flavors and ingredients of Latin America and Spain. With a broadened repertoire including Asian and Middle Eastern cuisine, she specializes in creating authentic dishes with an explosion of flavor and spices using only local and organic ingredients. A graduate of the Culinary Institute of America, Marianna provides specialty catering services for an exclusive clientele in New York City and the Hudson Valley, NY.  She continues to draw inspiration from around the world in creating innovative and memorable dinners and events for groups large and small. She was featured on Food Network’s Throwdown! with Bobby Flay.

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